Thursday, September 12, 2013

Secrets Inside Her Majesty’s Purse

I was watching the movie The Queen and noticed she always had a purse hanging from her arm.  I started to think, what would the Queen of England actually have in her purse? What do I have in my purse?

We first need to note the size of her purse.  She has quite a few but they seem to be all the same design and size.  This limits the dimensions of the contents.

American Purse Vs Queen of England Purse

The Queen’s Purse: Prop And Royal Communication Device
I have a cellphone in my purse.  A cellphone would be perfect for  monarch to have in her purse.  Her grandchildren could text pictures of the new baby.  How much fun would that be for the Queen to show of her newest great-grandchild to everyone?  Can you see her sitting with the Prime Minister sharing pictures of children? That would be a great comedy sketch!

I have a driver's license with a terrible picture and fictitious weight in my pure.   
Try to fit this onto a driver's license:
Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor
Buckingham Palace
London SW1A 1AA

Would her name even fit?  I bet she would lie about her weight too, though she looks fantastic for a distinguished woman of her age.
If England suddenly demanded everyone over the age of 80 retake a driving test, I wouldn't want to be the driving tester.  "Will your Royal Highness please take a left at the next corner."  I hope he or she remembers the Tower of London is still available.
A couple credit cards are always at the ready in my purse.  I am not sure the Queen actually pays for anything, that is to say, doesn’t she have someone for that?  Then again, I am not sure she shops at Wal-Mart  or stops at the local pub for a pint.  I would really like to see the Queen stop at a McDonald' drive thru, pay with a credit card and having the clerk as for her ID. 

Maybe she carries cash.  That is something that is rarely in abundance in my purse.  Wait! How weird would it be to use money that has your picture on it?  Now that would be a great way to prove your identity, your face on a bill.  I am not sure anyone would want my face on anything.

Enough of my silliness, what does the Queen carry in her purse?
I Googled it.

According to The Queen’s Purse: Prop And Royal Communication Device:   
She uses it as a prop, as a way to keep her hands busy. Inside her bag are her glasses, a handkerchief, good luck charms from her grandchildren, sometimes her cell phone and money for church collections and any speeches that she will make. She also has a small compact and lipstick inside the bag.

She does carry a cellphone but does she pull it out and show off the baby?


Kateri (American Colonist)

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